Monday, December 21, 2009

WELP that's a thing I guess.

So after days like today I like to write about it just to keep things in perspective and kind of rant about it.

First I woke up a little later than usual, which isn't that surprising or bad, except what woke me up was shadow dry heaving and me fearful that he was going to throw up again.

For those late to the show, let me back things up a bit.

On Friday night, Shadow ate three justaburgers that Anthony had bought. All the humans were in Sean Hardaway's room at the time watching the captured footage from the day's filming when it happened, so none of us noticed or tried to stop him. It was late when this happened and I had to be back here at 11am anyway so I just slept over with shadow here. The next day, Saturday happens and that night shadow barfs something horrible on Sean Hardaway's couch. I clean it up and apologize for him and then take him for a walk. The whole time he's walking he keeps stretching out at random times. At the end of the walk he throws up a little bit again. We come back into the apartment and go to bed. This brings us back to our starting point, today when I woke up to shadow dry heaving.

Shadow is dry heaving and I'm worried that he's going to throw up on McCoy's futon, or worse, on me (take that sean!) and try to stop him. Luckily he does nothing, and a few minutes later jumps off the futon and goes somewhere else. I wake up again about an hour later to the sound of him actually throwing up in the next room over. So he barfs on the carpet and a little bit on my shirt that was on the ground (he had been sleeping on it, you see) so I go to work to clean it up.

At this point shadow has basically started his day long passing out session on Hardaway's couch. I leave him there to go back to San Marcos to get not only shadow's items but also things I'll need for my trip to Dallas. This takes about 2 hours total, so add that to the 3ish hours from before I left and shadow has just been chilling on Hardaway's couch for quite some time now. I get back here and decide that Shadow obviously needs a walk, seeing as he hasn't had a chance to even pee today. I take him out and around the corner, maybe 70 yards away from the apartment before he indicates that he's ready to go back. On the way back to the apartment he stops walking, sits down, and as I pet him a little bit he lays down. After giving him a minute I get him to stand up again and keep walking back to the apartment. Unfortunatly, he only got about 5 feet before he just stopped, stretched and lay back down again. At this point I'm a little worried and pick him up and carry him back most of the way.

Once we get back in, Shadow drinks some water and goes strait back to Hardaway's couch. He chills there for a while and eventually throws up on it again. At this point I see a theme happening and get my comforter and lay it down on the couch in case he throws up again. A few hours later, he sure enough does.

Now the interesting thing to me happened right about here. I thought that shadow must be thirsty after throwing up so many times. I brought Shadow's water dish over to him, and shadow tried to get away from it. Every time I offered him water, he would go away from it. His desire to get away from the water dish is so strong, he actually goes into the other room when I offer it again. This is the most he's moved under his own power in several hours.

In the main room, shadow keeps sleeping until he has a seizure and pees on the couch. After that he does his normal routine of walking around half blind because he just had a seizure.

That pretty much brings us to now. I got back from buying more paper towels and doughnuts for the guys not too long ago, and shadow is on the living room couch on top of my comforter which I have to wash tomorrow before I go along with other things thrown up on. I'm going to try and get some sleep so I can maybe transport shadow to dallas where he can throw up in exciting new places.

This is why I don't want kids.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I called the cops today for the first time ever.

So today I actually dialed 911 for the first time in my life. It was a weird experience to say the least.

So Jeff's girlfriend, Cecilia comes over and invites me over to her friends house for a small get-together. As the party is starting to die down a bit, some people look over to the frat house across the street and notice what appears to be one person in some kind of altercation with another guy. Some of the guys go over to investigate and it turns out we were wrong. Guy A was simply drunk and stumbling around while guy B was attempting to help him. We talked to guy B for a while and guy A woke up from being pseudo-passed out on the lawn and comes over to talk too. At first it's a pleasant experience because everyone is being so nice and hey, we've all had a few so there's the comradery of being tipsy/drunk. This is until Ryan starts to joke and say that he would like to join the fraternity and will do whatever it takes to get in.

Well, this did not settle well with guy A, the drunker of the two frat guys. He didn't feel that Ryan's type of people would be a good fit into the frat and began to tell Ryan to go away and get off of his lawn. Ryan, apparently not really sensing the hostility pointed things out such as how he would be a good addition and that this was not, technically, that man's lawn. This is about the time guy A, the drunk one, gets physical and starts to push Ryan away and swear at him. Ryan retorted by walking away and simply saying "fuck you" or something to that extent. This is the point when Ryan was then punched in the head. We all quickly intervene and pull the two apart. Ryan is on the other side of the street and the now assailent was being held back by his frat master.

Matt, another member of my party, tried to explain that this was uncalled for. The frat master will not have any of this though, as he argues that Ryan had no right to come onto their lawn and say "fuck you" to his initiate. While this would be true, it was in the street, public domain, where Ryan was assaulted. Of course everyone is a little tipsy and hot headed at this point so no one is hearing the other person really, but me, matt, ryan and the 4th guy who's name I never caught all walk away (for me, this is in the opposite direction from where I live but I want to make sure everyone gets home alright) when we pass a group of 20 or so men.

These 20 some odd men seem to have come out of nowhere, at least to me. As we walked by them one of that party attempted to stare down Matt, only to then shake hands and chatt with the 4th guy who's name I didn't know. A bit of an odd encounter but whatever, I'm just relieved to find that this group isn't the rest of the frat coming out of the back of the house as I initially thought. About halfway between the frat house and the apartments we were walking to, Matt and 4th guy realize they need to go back the way we came to the 7-11 for cigeretts. I'm not exactly pleased about this but since the frat master had seemed to reel his subordinate in and this new pack of people were between us and the initial frat people I felt we could all sneak by unnoticed, which we thankfully did. I was worried when Ryan decided to split off and allegedly go home, up the steep hill that was had the street which seperated the party I started at and the frat house.

We crossed the street back to the point of the party and most of us were in our parking lot talking about the situation. 3 minutes into our conversation and re-telling of what just happened to the other party goers, Ryan comes speeding down the hill on the longbord he had been carrying. He had layed down on it like a street luge flicking everyone off. It was the funniest thing any of us had seen in ages and completely highlighted the absurdety of the whole situation. Unfortunetly the two gangs of fratguys didn't notice and partake in the hilarity of it all because a few minutes later shirts were being thrown off and a large brawl was underway. All of this stemming from the same asshole who had punched Ryan earlyer, and his inability to simply walk away and keep his mouth shut.

At firsrt my group simply watched in fasination, being sure to avoide brawlers as they fought. At first I simply assumed this would die down after a few punches were thrown but to my horror it didn't. A few people had been downed and were being beat upon, which is when it dawned on me to call the cops. I dialed 911 not fully expecting what to say or what the process for this was. I was connected with a dispatcher and told them the situation and the street corners this was taking place on and they transfered me to the poliece, who asked all the same questions and a few more.

No, I don't see any weapons.

Maybe about 40 guys, it's a whole frat house for sure.

Corner of Pat Garrison and Comanche.

I then gave my name and phone number and they informed me that another call was on the line and to call back if something else happened. I was a little suprised at how it ended, but I mean it makes sense in retrospect. I suppose it was just that I was fully aware of the seriousness of the situation while for all they knew I was a prank caller just trying to get some frat in trouble.

After a few minutes we heard sirens, which broke the fight in the middle of the street up. My group retreated to the front steps of the apartment while the cop cars showed up. As one pulled into the dark allyway next to the frat house I could see that the fight had broke out again down there past where I could see without the aid of the cop car's headlights.

In the end about 5-7 cars came and went. I don't know how many, if any, arrests were made and so far I haven't recieved any phone calls asking for a statement or anything. Hopefully the dick who started the whole thing, the one who punched Ryan and started the fight with the other pack of dudes won't be getting into his new frat. I don't think he would do well in there.

Between this and the shootout from last night, this is the crimewave of the century for my little college town.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Thanks to the magic that is Jeff, I can now hear things on my computer again.

The first thing I listened to was Socks and dollars.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good news everyone!

While further investigation the mystery of not having sound on my computer, I have discovered that while my Speakers were on the fritz, my computer itself may have just lost the ability to produce sound. I've tried two sets of headphones, and go nothing from either of them. Now, maybe my computer just did not recognize headphones, so I would still like to try and set up another set of speakers, just to be sure.

When I put my ipod into my speakers, I only heard the slightest bit of sound when everything was turned all the way up.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Road-Movie trailer

So last night while writing my blog about The Road, I googled it to find the correct spelling of the author's name. One of the hits that came up was the trailer for the upcoming movie.

I watched it on my Iphone, because my speakers on my computer died, and so far I'm both excited and apprehensive about this film. This makes me question what I should expect and what I should be thinking about when going in.

There were some parts of the trailer that I immediately recognized from the book. Several lines and shots showed up similarly to how I had pictured them in my head while reading. There were also several other parts of the trailer that were completely new to me.

To me, this seems like the main problem with telling the same story over two different mediums. The books tells one story, and plays to a certain audience and uses literary devices to say what it wants to say. A movie is completely different though, because it plays to a different audience who is usually more demanding in what they want.

The book deliberately leaves some things semi-open for the reader to piece together. It never says exactly what happened to the world, or how these bands of raiders are organized or anything. The trailer seems to imply that they'll explore some of these questions though, which I have mixed feelings about.

There are certainly some places where some of the action could be spiced up a bit, however I worry that adding too much might take away from the overall feel of realism that the book had. It feels like the story could go from being about just survival to one big chase, with the man and boy one step ahead of a Wile E. Coyote like villain, always on the chase even though there is reason enough to give up.

I suppose it's all too early to tell, and I won't really know until I see the movie itself. I just hope they don't mess this up like the did Watchmen, Amiright?